Ratliff Law Firm in the Media:

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November 11th, 2016. CBS Denver. “Man Sentenced To Life In Prison As A Teen Will Soon Walk Free”. https://denver.cbslocal.com/2016/11/11/teen-sentenced-to-life-in-prison-will-soon-walk-free/

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Spring 2009. California Western Law Review. "I Was Put Out the Door With Nothing"-- Addressing the Needs of the Exonerated Under a Refugee Model. Chinn, Jeffrey & Ratliff, Ashley.

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Co-Author and Co-Editor:

“Criminal Defense Based Forensic Social Work”

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Ashley Ratliff is Co-Author and Co-Editor of this “first of its kind” publishing.

“This book draws upon the Colorado Model of Criminal Defense-Based Forensic Social Work – a holistic, client-centered, collaborative approach that uses a trauma-informed care framework – to outline the numerous roles and skills of a forensic social worker. The comprehensive, developmentally informed model employs a past (e.g., mitigation themes and life history compilation), present (e.g., client contact and current functioning support), and future (e.g., reentry services) framework to provide mitigation narratives for defendants and to create a comprehensive approach to service.

The text starts with an overview of practice standards, ethical considerations, and legal frameworks. Next, chapters examine the unique roles that a forensic social worker must take on and the skills they need to possess. These include using clinical interventions with clients in nonclinical settings, working with clients of different identities and backgrounds, assisting with reentry planning for incarcerated clients, and collaborating with experts outside of the defense team. Finally, the authors provide strategies for practitioners to engage in their own self-care. 

Interwoven with four case studies using the Colorado Model, this book will be valuable reading for graduate schools of social work, law school programs which have clinics or direct practice components to legal studies, and at defender agencies who contract with or employ social workers on staff.” ~Routledge